A helical pile is an extendable deep foundation system with helical bearing plates welded to a central steel shaft.

Helica. is the first brand in Portugal providing this construction foundation system.

Communicate the products functionality and operational areas through an easy, understandable and appealing graphic/visual language system.

(Images/photos below are only used for demonstration purpose and belong to their owners.)
The modern and simple wordmark communicates commitment, balance and confidence.
I decided to generate various symbols from the silent letter "H", as a way to communicate ground levels and operational areas/places, always keeping the resemblace of the letter "H".
The graphical representation of the helical pile/pipe suggests rotational movement, high-tech and engineering.
The little dots/squares refers to the top view of a plant/area where Helica can operate.
No matter how large the area is, Helica has the solution.
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Brand design and UI/UX by Pedro Almeida / pedrobrands.com
Front-end development by Cristiano Almeida / csalmeida.com
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